Catskill Mountain Crafts

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                            Wedding Couple                                                       Wedding Cakes

                     Colors - White***, Natural, additional                     Colors - White***, Natural, additional
                          colors by special request                                    colors by special request
                     Height - 3 1/4 inches                                          Styles - Cake with 2 doves on top,
                                                                                                     Cake with flowers on top


     Natural Beeswax Tapers                                              Tealights and Traditional Votives

Two styles - Hexagonal and Colonial (round)                 Tealights:
Colors - Natural, Red, Green, Rust, Olive,                           Two Styles - Plastic cup**, Metal cup**
     additional colors on special request                               Colors - Natural, Red, Green, White***,
Height - 10 inches                                                                Light Blue***
Base - Finished, 5/8 inch                                                   Boxed - 12, Single or 2 colors
Tested Burn Time*- 12+ hours                                          Tested burn time - 4.5-5 hours/tealight

                                                                               Traditional Votives:
                                                                                     Colors - Natural, Red, Green, additional
                                                                                         colors on request
                                                                                     Boxed -4, Single or 2 colors
                                                                                     Tested burn time - 8 hours


                              Rose Votives
              Colors - Natural, Red, White***, additional
                             colors on request
                             Height - 2 inches

* Tested burn time is the amount of time the candle burnt when burnt in 2 hour increments.
** Plastic cups are for use in open containers ONLY.  Metal cups MUST be used with closed containers due to heat build up.
*** White beeswax:  beeswax which has been extensively filtered, is used to make white and pastel candles.  Filtering removes both color and a lot of the natural scent.

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