Catskill Mountain Crafts

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Placing an Order

Orders for candles and other crafts on this site may be placed directly with the artist via email -- .   Individuals interested in placing an order should contact the artist for a current price list.

Items are delivered via USPS Priority Flat Rate.  Once an order is received, the necessary postage will be calculated and tax (for NY State residents only), and you will be emailed a bill for the shipment. Checks, credit cards and money orders can be accepted for payment.  Orders are mailed upon receipt of payment. 

Due to the sensitivity of beeswax to freezing temperatures, orders CANNOT be fulfilled during January, February; and, weather permitting, during March.

Please note, the color of natual beeswax ranges from light to dark yellow.  This variation can make differences in resulting colors when the candle dyes are applied.  Therefore, if you are making a quantity order of candles, and the matching of color is critical, there may be a delay in delivery to provide time for making a special run of the desired color.


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