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Katherine Somelofski is a versatile craft artist living in the Catskill Mountains of Central New York State.  She works primarily in the crafting of natural beeswax candles using beeswax produced in the Catskill Mountains and in stained glass.  On this site, you will also see examples of her work in fiber arts, ceramics, and photography.  Enjoy your visit, come back often to see new work and seasonal specials.


Katherine is a native North Carolinian from the mountains of Southern Appalachia.  She grew up surrounded by a rich heritage of fine crafts which she has explored extensively.  Mountains have always provided a special inspiration for her, especially in her creative endeavors.  After nearly 20 years in "Corporate America", Katherine found a home for pursuing her love of crafts in the Catskill Mountains where she lives with her husband, Sonny (a NYState Licensed Outdoor Guide) and their cat, Gizmo.

Katherine is a member of The Artisans's Guild on Main Street, Oneonta, NY and Cooper Country Crafts just outside Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, NY.  Her candles can be purchased year-round in the Guild stores.  She also shows at events and farm markets in NY and surrounding areas.  Katherine is also a member of "Pure Catskills" recognizing her candles are made from Catskills area beeswax and "Made in New York", a group of artists from all around New York.

                   "No man is poor who has watched a sunrise or has a mountain in his heart"
                                                         Esther Baldwin York

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